Delawadi, Madhya Pradesh

Nestled in a serene jungle side village, Delawadi is nestled close to the Ratapani Wildlife Sanctuary, approximately 60 km from Bhopal, on Rehti Road along NH12.

MP Tourism Resort, Delawadi Pic Credit: Asit Jain

The Delawadi Jungle Camp is an ideal place to unwind and enjoy time under the lush green forest and scenic natural environment. Run by the Forest Rest House, MPTDC, the Delawadi Jungle Camp offers trekking, camping and wildlife adventure tours and are perfect for a weekend getaway from Bhopal. Expect basic facilities, average food and decent accommodation.

Live Amidst Nature, Delawadi Jungle Camp Image Pic Credit: Goibibo

Delawadi is teeming with hidden wildlife and birds, so keep your eyes and ear alert.

Places to Visit/See Near Delawadi

Ginnorgrah Fort: Located on an isolated hilltop, the Ginnorgarh Fort can be reached only on foot and is an easy trek (approx. 4 km one way). The fort was once a stronghold of Gonds, but later, fell to Dost Mohammad Khan, the first Nawab of the Bhopal State. Although it is now in a dilapidated form, it still offers a scintillating glimpse into our rich architectural heritage and makes for a nice picnic spot.

Ruins of the Ginnorgarh Fort near Delawadi, Madhya Pradesh Pic Credit: Ratapani Jungle Lodge

The fort is located within the Core Area of the Ratapani Wildlife Sanctuary, so it is important to take prior permission from the forest department along with an entry fee and a guide to visit the fort.  Being home to about 10 tigers and 27 leopards, along with other wildlife, be on alert as the Fort location is also one of the prime spots to capture their movements; especially around the fort’s waterholes.

The area around the fort is surrounded by Teak forests and overlooks the Vindhyachal Ranges. The fort has 2 impressive palaces each belonging to the King and Queen and the other architectural splendour is its water management system. At its time, it was reported to have 52 step-wells or Bawdi’s that were created to harvest rainwater; some of which can still be seen around the fort area.

Kairi Mahadev: The drive to Kairi Mahadev takes about 25 km and goes through the forest zone. En route, there are a couple of viewpoints where you can check out the Kolar River winding its way along the valley before it descends into the holy Narmada River.

The site is a perennial waterfall and the temple of Kairi Mahadev is located nearby on the sandstone hill. It’s a nice spot and remains green with moss and ferns throughout the year attracting travellers from nearby places.

Steps leading to the Salakanpur Temple, Madhya Pradesh Pic Credit: TripSuggest

Salkanpur Devi Temple: Offerings views of the surrounding hills and valleys, a trip to Salkanpur is more than just a pilgrimage for the locals.

Dedicated to Goddess Beejasan, the temple at Salkanpur is perched 800 ft above the ground and one has to climb about a 1000 steps to reach up.

Luckily, there’s also a ropeway service that is far more exciting. Although the temple is quite old, it has been maintained well and has all the necessary amenities and makes for a good day trip too.

Bhimbetka Caves, Madhya Pradesh Pic Credit: MPTourism

Bhimbetka Caves: Recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Bhimbetka Caves presents India’s oldest human rock-cut paintings. 

Bhimbhetka Caves, MP Pic Credit: Mayur Raj Bhat

Also referred to as ‘Bheem Baithika’ these caves belong to the Neolithic age and were discovered in 1957, by VS Wakanker (Vikram University, Ujjain, Madhya Pradesh).

Ratapani Wildlife Sanctuary: Comprising a dense teak forest, Ratapani Wildlife Sanctuary was established in the year 1976 and is located near Obedullaganj in Raisen district of Madhya Pradesh. It offers habitat for fascinating wildlife including tigers and leopards.

Leopard of Ratapani Wildlife Sanctuary, Madhya Pradesh Pic Credit: Chinkara Journey

Distance Guide

Bhopal: 60 km
Bhimbetka Caves: 27 km
Ratapani Wildlife Sanctuary: 42 km
Sanchi: 107 km
Indore: 244 km

Jabalpur: 313 km

Nearest Airport: Bhopal (70 km), Indore (244 km), Jabalpur (313 km)
Nearest Railway Station: Bhopal (70 km), Biaora (181 km), Indore (244 km)

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    1. Hi Pradish,
      Rock Art comprised of pictographs that were drawn onto the rock panels or engraved into the rock itself. The pre-historic man used natural dyes and colours obtained from flower petals, fruits like berries, crushed semi-precious stones etc.


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