Discover the Enchanting Thachi Valley

India offers incredible camping spots and in recent years trekking in the hills and camping out amidst nature has people venturing out to offbeat destinations. Situated in the Great Himalayan National Park (GHNP), the enchanting Thachi valley is one such place that has been kept a secret for a long time.

Imagine sleeping under the glittering stars and creating memories of beautiful mornings and incredible sunsets. Camping evokes thoughts of exploring the natural surroundings, cooking hearty meals, sharing lots of stories and finding friends you wouldn’t make working in the ever busy city life.

Thachi – A Snow Paradise Image Copyright Thachi Valley

It was about 3 years back that I got to know about this unexplored valley through a friend who happened to discover it quite surprisingly on his way to TirthanThachi Valley is a small hamlet near Mandi and is one of those rare places unknown to the world that is only visited by a few who venture towards the offbeat track. Located 3000 meters above sea level, Thachi is a beautiful place to visit at all seasons.

Upcoming Trek 2018

The camping and treks are planned and organised by a group of local youths who are nature lovers and want people to appreciate the beauty of their village life. They aim to provide employment to the villagers; yet have defined rules for the travellers to respect the place and its people by keeping ensuring the environment stays clean.

There are 3 treks to choose from and for those who are not into trekking, 60% of Thachi Valley can actually be covered leisurely too.

Find Trek Details HERE

  • Trek 1: 3 days/2 nights – Thachi Saponi Peak (Level Moderate)
  • Trek 2: 3 days/2 nights – Thachi Gaun beed Plateau Peak (Level Pro)
  • Trek 3: 5 days/4 nights – Into the Wild (Level Pro)

Upcoming Trek 2018

Click Here for other Trek Details 

Places to See:
Bithu Narayan Temple, other local temples, fresh water ponds, Gaun Beed waterfall, Ahsu Alli freshwaterm, Hidamba Temple, Chanjwala Temple Peak, Saponidhar Grassland, Gharsaw grassland and so much more.

Bithu Narayan Temple Image Copyright Thachi Valley
Golden idol of Lord Raghunath during the Dussehra festival in Kullu, India

The people here lead a simple life and will welcome you happily to observe and be part of their local customs, food habits, beliefs and festivals.

Be part of the colourful Fagli Festival during winters: The Fagli Festival is an exclusive celebrated in the valley once in four years. Witness the local men wander the streets draped in traditional attire with ccolourful masks and dance to the mesmerizing drum beats, seeking peace and happiness for all. Fagli Festival at Thachi, Image Copyright Thachi Valley

There are many other festivals celebrated locally that mark the end of winters and welcomes the spring in all its fervour.Every village has their own local deities they worship and most of the temples date back to the ancient times. Additionally don’t miss the excellent temple carvings, vibrant colorful handicrafts and other spectacular architecture around you as you travel around Thachi and nearby towns.


Camping sites are located amidst apple orchards with all the camping provisions provided by the team at Thachi Valley. Private rooms and home-stays can be also arranged for those not wanting to camp out at reasonable prices with homemade meals. Please remember, prior booking is recommended.

Best Time to Visit:

  • For snowfall: Mid of December to Mid of January
  • For flowers: June to July
  • For waterfalls and water streams: throughout the year.

Distance Guide:

New Delhi: 488 Kms
Manali: 96 Kms
Aut to Thachi via Balichowki: 60 kms
Tirthan: 34 kms

Your entire travel plan can from arranging transport, lodging and food can be conveniently organized with prior booking.

Contact: 08587802134 (Whatsapp and the team shall connect asap)

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Copyright: Images have been sourced from Thachi Website and Google

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