Dehna Village: Experience Rustic Life at a Remote Countryside

Just 130 kms from Mumbai is a small village that offers a perfect dwelling amidst green paddy fields. Dehna is a remote country side village situated along the River Sai. It comes under Shahpura, Thane district and attracts people to its rural rustic life. Just visit and spend a few days living, learning and adapting what life in the villages truly are.

There will never be a dull moment as you find yourself getting busy in learning how lead their daily life and will be fascinated by the amount of chores one does the whole day! Even a dip in the refreshing river water is a thrilling experience!


Dehna is surrounded by the beautiful western ghats and is simply stunning. The village community are friendly and will welcome you with genuine smiles and will pamper you when it comes to cooking delicious local recipes or indulging you in local art and craft. One may also volunteer to teach at the local schools, one at Dehna and the other located at a village called Chincwadi.

Fireflies in the night offer a spectacular once in a lifetime experience
Fireflies in the night offer a spectacular once in a lifetime experience

Dehna is also popular for its firefly festivals when thousands of fireflies brighten the night with their glows and offers spectacular night of wonder under the stars.

For once, leave behind your troubles and yes that phone, laptop and other devices and embrace nature as it is. From chopping wood to farming and ploughing the fields to celebrating the little daily joys that give you comfort and happiness, Dehna lets you explore yourself in how the community lives. There is even a secret waterfall!

Numerous Waterfalls seen from Dehna during Monsoons
Numerous Waterfalls seen from Dehna during Monsoons

So its time to travel to Dehna and leave behind the chaos and stress of the city life and discover something new about your own self.

Dehna is part of the Grassroutes, a rural tourism initiative founded by Inir Pinheiro  a few years back. The initiative offers responsible tourism to those who really want to give back something to the village community. For more similar experience kindly Visit: that offers other interesting rural based tourism destinations in Maharastra and near Mumbai.


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