Salooni: Mesmerizing landscapes of Bhandel Valley

Situated beautifully on the snowy Dhauladhar Range, Salooni is a small town near Chamba (56 Kms) Himachal Pradesh. With a height of 1828 mts, Salooni is completely snowed in between December to March, but its during the summers that the place offers scenic views of the valley, mountain range and green pastures. It is an ideal retreat for those looking for an offbeat holiday destination in the hills and the place is yet to mark its existence of the tourism map! Guess that is the reason its here on GoTravelTrek!

Beautiful Bhandal Valley
Beautiful Bhandal Valley

Places to Explore

Bhandal Valley: is a nature’s paradise that mesmerizes and captures everyone’s attention with its panoramic views and abundant wildlife & flora.  It is also the base for an important trek route that joins Chamba to the Kishtwar region of Jammu and Kashmir (over the Dagni Dhar). This trek takes one along the beautiful River Ravi, Pukhri via Siyul Stream and onwards to Prithvi Jor Ridge with the highest point on the track being the Padri Gali at 3,049 m. Its no wonder then that this area has captured attention of bollywood movie makers who have preferred it for shooting movie scenes here!

PirPanjal-Bhandel Valley

Siul River near Bhandel Valley

Bhandal Valley is easily accessible from Chamba and is located at a distance of 22 kms from Salooni.


The Gamgul Siahbehi Wildlife Sanctuary: is 20 kms from Salooni and is a high-altitude wildlife sanctuary famous for Mush Deer, Barking Deer and Snow Leopards! Spread across 70 Sq. metres, its northern boundary adjoins the Doda district of Jammu and Kashmir and the place is revered to be home of the rare ‘Kashmir Stag’. It is a one of a kind place to be and attracts many photographers and wildlife enthusiasts.

The vegetation is typical to the higher altitude area, and the landscape is interspersed with deodar forests, coniferous forest and alpine pastures.

View of the Beautiful Chamera Lake, on Chamba-Dalhousie Road
View of the Beautiful Chamera Lake, on Chamba-Dalhousie Road

Boating at Chamera Dam: enjoy a peaceful boat ride at the Taleru Boat point located on the Chamera Dam. The lake was formed naturally while the dam construction happened and is a lovely place for a picnic and quite frequented by the locals too. In the Movie ‘Dor’ this beautiful lake was pictured during the song ‘Yeh hausala kaise juhke’!

Bhalei Mata Temple, Chamba HP
Bhalei Mata Temple, Chamba HP

Bhalei Mata Temple: is an ancient temple dedicated to Maa Kali and is also referred to as Bhadra Kali temple. It is located 40 kms from Chamba and only 35 Kms from Dalhousie. The place where the temple is located is called ‘Bhalei’.

Bharmour: Just 60 Kms from the main town of Chamba and about 112 kms from Dalhousie, Bharmour is a beautiful scenic town known for its temples and the majestic Manimahesh Kailash Peak. More details COMING SOON!

So next time you think on visiting Dalhousie, do take out 2 days to explore Salooni and the beautiful Bhandal Valley.

Important Note

Please note that Khundimaral is the border of Himachal Pradesh (HP) & Jammu & Kashmir (J&K) and hence no vehicles are permitted to go beyond Langera without permission.

This area is known as Churah Valley and is sharing its border with Kashmir; so the people living in the villages nearby speak and live like Kashmiris and yes the place indeed is beautiful, just like Kashmir.

Accommodation and Stay Options Near Salooni/Bhandal

Salooni has numerous rest houses run by HPPWD, IPH Department and Forest Department.

Salooni Rest House
Salooni Rest House

The HPPWD rest house in Salooni is constructed way back in 1908 and is a beautiful place to stay amidst the deodar forest.

Click here for Complete List of Rest Houses

Rest House at Sundla, Chamba
Picture: Rest House at Sundla, Chamba

There is Rest House at Bhandal that is simple but offers a comfortable stay. The other few can be located at Kihar, Dhargala, Himgiri, Sundla, Diur and Langhera.

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