Camp Wild Dhauj – Delight for Delhi Wala’s and Gurgaonites

Dhauj is a tiny little village located along the Aravali Valley situated between Faridabad and Gurgaon. And it has become popular as an adventure destination thanks to the Camp Wild Dhauj that offers a range of Adventure and Camping Activites in the area.

Located just 30 kms from the ever so crowded Gurgaon, Dhauj is a secret that’s unfolded and we sure are happy to experience the joys it gives.  So if your idea to enjoy a day out relates to having fun & adventure along with some team building exercises, Dhauj is where you need to head too.


Interestingly few scenes from the famous Television Serial ‘Fauji’ featuring Shah Rukh Khan was also shot at Dhauj in the 1990’s.


The Aravali Rocks offers different types of climbing levels that help cater to most of the people and with guided experts, Kids too can learn these adventure activities with ease.Tripoto-Dhauj

The scenic and serene Dhauj Lake is located close to the Badkal Lake and has been a favorite spot for Rock Climbers, Rappelling and Trekking adventure lovers.

Lake Dhauj

CLICK HERE to read about the interesting way Dhauj become a climbing Destination and about the first climbs done by Mohit Oberoi. He is also the Author of Guide to Rock Climbing in and around Delhi that was published in 2001 and was the first such book for Delhi and its environs.

Connect with Camp Wild – Dhauj

Mobile no. : +91-9999273336
Ph. :+(91)-(11)-65100333  (9:30 am – 6:30 pm)
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