River Saryu: Extraordinary River Rafting and Angling Experience

Experience a white-water rafting expedition (grade 3 to 4) like no other and get a chance to be part of India’s finest angling adventure for the iconic Himalayan Mahseer, all on the emerald green River Saryu.

Camping at River Saryu
Camping at River Saryu Image @manavaggarwal

Himalayan Golden Mahseer is also called as ‘Tor Putitora’ and is known as the largest carp in the world and is indeed a monster fish due to its massive size!

Golden-Mahseer caught in River Saryu
Golden-Mahseer caught in River Saryu

Most of the angling adventure happen near the confluence of River Saryu with River Kali (originates in Pithoragarh district of Uttrakhand) and soon touches the borders and reaches Nepal. Your guides would help you pick the right spots and most productive stretches of the River Saryu.

Thrilling Rafting Experience: River Saryu
Thrilling Rafting Experience: River Saryu

Ideal Itinerary: 7-8 Days
Season: October, November, March & April
River Grade: III & IV
Area: Kumaon (Uttarakhand)

Private Tents at Himalayan Outback
Private Tents at Himalayan Outback

Camps like The Himalayan Outback  (a private & Luxury Camp) and many others (starting 25000/- per person) offer you beautifully camping sites along with numerous adventure activities including trekking and rafting expeditions on the River Saryu and beyond. Most of these camps are located at a place called ‘Sheraghat’ which is about a 2 hour drive from Binsar, Uttarakhand.

Kali River 'Confluence Camp' Chuka

Following are a list of active camps here:

  1. www.redchilliadventure.com: are based at Rishikesh, Uttarakhand and have been awarded for excellence in Travel and Tourism sector. From Mountain Biking, Combo trips to visiting National Parks, from trekking in hills to River Rafting, these guys offer all kinds of adventure activities.
    Email: info@redchilliadventure.com
    Contact: +91-135-2434021
  2. www.hrrindia.com: are based in New Delhi and are called the Himalayan River Runners are known to offer treks and tours that are off the beaten track like the Ganeve’s GadaboutThey also offer Rafting and Kayaking expeditions of River Saryu among other places in the upper Himalayas and Uttarakhand.
    Email: info@himalayanriverrunners.com
    Contact: +91-11-26852602, 26968169, 26865604
  3. www.expeditionsindia.com: Based at Rishikesh, Uttarakhand, these guys offer professional training and conduct treks, mountaineering and rafting expeditions wherever they get the opportunity.
    Email: adventure@expeditionsindia.com
    Contact: +91 941 205 0090; +91 941 299 7877
  4. www.snowleopardadventures.com: are located at Cross Point Mall, Gurgaon and offers adventure activities to all, from a 9 year old to a 70 year old! These guys love to explore the unspoiled, remote and untouched places and that’s what makes them special.
    Email: corporate@snowleopardadventures.com, info@snowleopardadventures.com and tours@snowleopardadventures.com
    Contact: Ph : +91 124 4592000 (30 lines)
  5. www.katabatic-adventures.com: are based in Gurgaon and Shivpuri, Rishikesh and offers adventure acitivities of all kinds. For River Saryu, these guys offer a campsite at Pancheshwar, at the confluence of River Saryu and Mahakali.
    Contact: Phone: +91-124-4144288, ( 95124-4144288 ) Mobile: +91-9818656488
Fishing for Mahaseer, River Saryu
Fishing for Mahaseer, River Saryu

All campsites are located on the sandy beaches along the River Saryu and are virtually isolated. The highly professinal and rained staff of these camps make sure that you stay safe while carrying out adventure activities and make your stay a memorable experience from day 1.

The drive to Sheraghat itself offers you a chance to see the scenic Kumaon valley, old villages and the majestic views of the Trisul and Nanda Devi Mountain ranges.

Enroute to Sheraghat via Binsar
Enroute to Sheraghat via Binsar

We all know how scenic and tranquil the state of Uttarakhand is and River Saryu just adds to its beauty. Saryu River offers you unspoiled scenic surroundings, fantastic rapids and an excellent camping experience, that’s hard to find anywhere in India.

Rapid 3-4 at River Saryu
Rapid 3-4 at River Saryu

The River Saryu is still unexplored and untouched and only those who are experienced kayakers or Rafters have had a chance to test its flow. Besides River Rafting, there are plenty of nature walks to explore, camp out with bonfire near the river, soak up the fresh mountain air, walk on the soft sandy river beaches and explore the wilderness that makes River Saryu so special. And then there is also an opportunity to go fishing for the massive Golden Mahseer.

Pancheshwar-River Saryu-Mahakali, ideal spot for Fishing and Camping Image @Manavaggarwal
Pancheshwar-River Saryu-Mahakali, ideal spot for Fishing and Camping Image @Manavaggarwal

You may also visit an ancient Pancheshwar Mandir that can be seen here in the pic located right along the river shore uphill. Pancheshwar is located at the confluence of River Saryu and River Mahakali, before Mahakali reaches Nepal.

River Rafting at River Saryu
Kayaking at River Saryu

Significance of River Saryu:

The Saryu River holds a fascinating history, with a reference and mention in the ancient Hindu scriptures of Rig-Veda and Ramayana. River Saryu originates from Mount Kailash and merges with River Gomti at Bageshwar and River Mahakali (known as Sharda in India, forms a natural boundary between India & Nepal) near the Nepal-Uttarakhand Border at Pancheshwar and then flows down to the sacred holy city of Ayodhya, where it merges with the mighty River Ganga.

It was on the banks of River Saryu at Ayodhya that King Dasaratha performed a Yagya that bestowed him 4 sons and it was here that Lord Ram (the 7th Avatar of Lord Vishnu) bid adieu to his human form and immersed himself and returned back to his eternal space, followed by his brothers Bharata and Shatrughna along with few devoted followers.


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