Kathotia, Madhya Pradesh

Kathotia, also called Kathotiya is a small forested village that lies in the Veerpura Range and comes under Sehore Forest Division of Madhya Pradesh.

It is approx 20 kms from Bhopal and is known for the Rock paintings that are believed to be more than 17,000 years old or maybe more as the actual dates are still unclear.RockpaintingsKathotiaMP

Recently there was a team of experts from Spain who came down to India to study these Rock Paintings that are quite similar to the popular ones at Bhimbhetika, Madhya Pradesh. The team plans to put up a camp for a longer duration and conduct research on the Rock paintings which were first discovered by an eminent Archaeologist Shankar Tiwari in the year 1975.KathotiaRiver

Kathotia is inhabited by the legendary Bhil and Bhilala Tribes who were traditionally hunters but have now settled up and are involved in agriculture in the forest area.Rockpaint-Kathotia1


Today Kathotia is becoming a popular eco-tourism destination thanks to the efforts made by the Madhya Pradesh Ecotourism Development Board (MPEDB) which was constituted in the year 2005 with a mission to conserve natural resources and sustainable forest management through ecotourism.Rockclimbing-Kathotia


Activities: There are plenty of activities and jungle camps that are run on a regular basis that attracts lots of tourism.

Experience a wild forest experience as you camp out in the jungle that is full of beautiful hills, verdant forests and get amazed by the variety of wildlife and natural surroundings.

Kathotia is also a preferred location for those seeking adventure like rock climbing, village walks, Mountain Climbing, Monkey Crawling etc.KathotiaVillage

The Government of Madhya Pradesh along with the tribal community take care for the preservation of these sheltered Rock paintings and run community projects regularly and help provide sustainable livelihoods to the villages nearby.

The Village tours are interesting as you get a chance to see some beautiful Vernacular Architecture and tribal art created by the villagers. There’s also a waterfall nearby that’s a popular picnic spot.Kathotiacamp

Accommodation & Food: There are about 40 tents and a Machaan (Treetop house) to choose for your stay. The food available is rustic and local.TentsKathotiya

Tariffs: 1500 INR Per Person (includes all meals and accommodation). There are also guided day trips for 500 INR Per Person and are ideal for Corporate offsite trips and would include One meal, Tea and Snacks.

For Enquiries and Booking Please Contact:
Mr. Arun Rai (Ecotourism Manager)- +91 8827204841
Pramod Jatav (President Ecotourism Samiti- Kathotiya – 91-8959424269
Mr. Ram Jatav (Executive Assistant)- 91-9893325286 and 91-7828553838


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