Bhangarh: Mystical yet Haunted! Really?

The ‘Ghost Town’ of Bhangarh is located at a distance of just 255 kms from New Delhi and 85 kms from Jaipur, yet it is one of the less frequented places due to so many haunting stories surrounding this beautiful place.

History of Bhangarh

Ruins of Bhangarh
Ruins of Bhangarh

Historically, the town of Bhangarh was established in 1573 by Bhagwant Das who had 2 sons Man Singh (the famous General of Mughal Emperor Akbar) and Madho Singh. The Bhangarh Kila (Royal Palace) was constructed later during 1613 by Madho Singh. The town prospered for 2 decades and it was only after the death of its second ruler Chattr Singh (who was Madho Singh’s son) in the year 1783 that the town of Bhangarh started declining economically. There was also a famine in 1783 that led to the town’s abandonment. However, legend tells a different story behind the abandonment of this once prosperous city.

Stories behind the Mysterious Bhangarh


Bhangarh has been famous for its ghostly presence and ironically that’s what attracts most of the tourists.  Legends tell that the entire village got vanished overnight due to a curse given by a Tantric Singhia, who was in love with the Princess Ratnavati (of Bhangarh) and wanted to marry her. He used magical powers in her perfume, but she became aware of his actions and dropped it on the ground, thus putting an end to the Tantric, who cursed the town just before he died, telling it’s people that there will no longer be new births and thus the end of the beautiful town. it is believed that the Chhatri a top the hill belongs to him!

Another story goes to tell about Guru Balu Nath’s curse that states ‘The moment the shadows of your palaces touch me, the city shall be no more!’ and soon the town was abandoned. It is also believed that the once 7 storeyed Royal Palace was the first one to collapse to a 4 storey building that still stands today. And the samadhi of Guru Balu Nath is still there where he was buried. Infact Bhangarh was abandoned soon after being built and now only it’s ancient remains speak of the once opulence style it lived bubbling with life.


What’s to See at Bhangarh

The fort now in ruins, is a beautiful example of ancient architecture and the site surrounded by hills and trees make it a wonderful place to explore.

Ancient Temples at Bhangarh Premises
Ancient Temples at Bhangarh Premises

There’s an old Hanuman Temple at the entrance and the fort contains few more within in vicinity like the Ganesh Temple and Someshwar Temple. The temples have been constructed using the Nagara style of Architecture and the carvings are fascinating to see.  The location of the temples are also known to be the residing place of Purohit Ji (a notable person holding an upper rank in the King’s Courtship).


The ruins of the fort are scattered around and this makes the place more interesting. The Royal Place used to be 7 storey high, but now only 4 remains.

The Bhangarh Township must be really beautiful as the ruins tell us about how strategically placed were the royal Palace, Market Areas and even the fortified fort walls.

During the early morning and evening hours the area is visited by peacocks, langurs and a variety of birds.

Haunted Gallery, Bhangarh near baoli

There is also the Baoli (a water body) that must have been used for storing rain water. Here, interestingly the echo of your voice travels in a spiral movement. You gotto try it to believe! Then there is a Dancer’s Haveli, where the Kings enjoyed his evenings. A lot of people have heard sounds of Payal (anklets) and other strange noises here. And no wonder it is also considered as the most haunted area of Bhangarh!

Remember the entry to Bhangarh is legally prohibited between sunset and sunrise, so plan your visit accordingly.

Not sure if the place is haunted, but there is definitely a feeling of anxiety and restlessness.


And not just the ruins, the trees surrounding the area also have an eerie feel to them. Beware of snakes and other creature that hide up in the trees and be cautious & extra careful with the many monkeys and Langurs.




Go visit Bhangarh and do share your experience and let me know if you had some chills!

I believe in the Myth of the place being haunted but it’s a beautiful place and is worth a visit.

And being close to Gurgaon and New Delhi it’s just a day trip, so make a plan and come back with your own haunted tales, keeping the haunted stories alive!

Points to Remember

  • Entering the borders of Bhangarh before sunrise and after sunset is strictly prohibited.
  • The Kewda or Pandanus trees found in Bhangarh area also belong to the Archaeology Survey of India and are protected under Law.
  • Bhangarh was also the location for the Shahrukh Khan & Salman Khan starrer ‘Karan Arjun’!
  • Please carry water & food as there are no good places to eat. The closest place is Amman Resorts at Ajabgarh at 10 kms.
  • In-case you wish to stay a night, Alwar Bagh is recommended. Located near Akbarpur, it is about 2 hours before Bhangarh and just 15 kms away from Sariska National Park. The Place has yummy Bhuna Maas & Panner Lababdar!
  • Even while driving look out for numerous ancient ruins enroute Ajabgarh to Bhangarh, especially a small Fort ruin is interesting!
  • You can include a trip to Sariska National Park with your trip to Bhangarh with a night halt.

Other Places Nearby

Ajabgarh: Has an old garrison fort with picturesque surrounding including a water reservoir nearby.

Ajabgarh Fort
Ajabgarh Fort

The city of Ajabgarh lies between Bhangarh and Pratapgarh and was founded by Ajab Singh, the son of Chhatr Singh. There’s also a temple of Shri Raghunath Ji and some interesting old Chahhatris.

Abhaneri: Is 63 kms from Bhangarh and is popular for an ancient step well ‘Chand Baori‘. 


Read MORE on Abhaneri & Chand Baori, the oldest and largest step well in India!

Distance Chart

How to Reach Bhangarh from New Delhi:  255 Kms via Alwar-Bhiwadi Road and 288 Kms via NH8
Best Route: Take the NH8 via Manesar – Dharuhera – Neemrana – Kotputli – Pratapgarh along the Aravali Hills to Ajabgarh and then reach Bhangarh.  Total Time: 5 hrs with traffic/breaks

How to Reach Bhangarh from Abhaneri: 63 Kms via NH11 and 41 via MDR48
Total Time:
1.5 Hours

Bhangarh to Sariska: 38 Kms via RJ SH 29A
Bhangarh to Jaipur: 85 Kms via NH11 and 78 Kms via Alwar-Jaipur Road
Bhangarh to Alwar: 80 Kms
Kesroli: 85 Kms
Shekhawati- Mandawa: 92 Kms Read MORE on Basar-Mandawa-Nawalgarh


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