Vengurla: Hills, Seafood & Beaches

Vengurla is a beach town located between Mumbai-Goa route and is about 110 Kms from Goa. It is known for its pristine beaches (few still unexplored), lush green hills, temples and delicious seafood.

It is an attractive town with numerous sightseeing places and spots. The only reason it does not attract the crowd to its exotic beaches is due to the unavailability of liquor as its a temple town too! Else the place has super delicious seafood, Konkan delicacies, shinning sun and the silver sands.

Vengurla Jetty
Vengurla Jetty, Image @ Rajesh Deshpande

Once under the reign of Adil Shah, the Dutch took over Vengurla and made it a trade port (1638-1682). The Sawants took over there after but only till the Briish took over again. Today quite a few old buildings and ruins share a tale of bygone era.

Offbeat Experiences at Vengurla

  • Do visit Math, a small village located nearby that the Devnagari script inscribed on an ancient stone.
  • Check out offbeat beaches at Vayangani, Kondura, Wadi, Bhogave, Mochemad, Aronde and Havana.
  • During the evening hours, visit the Lighthouse on Nivati  Beach.
  • Indian Swiftlets, a migratory bird visits the Vengurla rocks during season and are a delight to watch.
  • Vengurla is famous for its folk Art – Dashavatara, that narrates and performs the mythological stories of the Birth of Lord Vishnu is his Ten Life’s.

Beaches of Vengurla

Shiroda Beach:  This beach is about 20 kms from both Vengurla and Sawantwadi and has cypress and coconut trees all around making it look extremely lovely.

The rocks at Shiroda Beach, Vengurla
The rocks at Shiroda Beach, Vengurla, Image @nilesh sutar

Shiroda Beach is a quiet haven unlike the other few that are visited by tourists. Shiroda is also the place from where Mahatma Gandhi started his Satyagraha Salt Movement and even today the place produces reasonable amounts of salt!

Kondura Beach: is at a distance of only 10 kms from Vengurla yet not many visit this offbeat sight. Its maybe because its a small beach spreading just over 300 metres. What sets it apart is the freshwater stream that runs past the beach to merge in the sea and the hills that offer a cozy getaway. There is a Lingeshwar Temple here.

The exotic Kondura Beach, Vengurla
The exotic Kondura Beach, Vengurla

Nivati Beach: is where you can spot the Dolphins! The trip here is a must for its Lighthouse and the vast blue waters of the Arabian Sea. The beach here is spotless and picturesque wherever you look.

Spotless Nivati Beach, Vengurla
Spotless Nivati Beach, Vengurla, Image

Nivati Beach is a tropical oasis settled in the fishermen’s villages and is 28 ms from Vengurla. People also visit the ruins of Nivati Fort located nearby on the hilly village of Kochare.

Nivati Beach View, as seen from a Hillside
Nivati Beach View, as seen from a Hillside, Image

Bhogave Beach: is located 36 kms from Vengurla and is quite close to Nivati. It is a clean beach with white silvery sands, perfect for a day out.

Rocky Hills at Bhogave Beach, Vengurla
Rocky Hills at Bhogave Beach, Vengurla, Image @sidhharth

At Bhgave, one may also visit the place where River Karli’s estuary meets with the sea and the view from Devbag’s famous Mobara Point is beautiful.

Devbag Beach: with the backwaters of Karli River meeting the Arabian Sea, the beach stretch of Devbag Beach presents a lovely sight. It is considered one of the most beautiful beaches of Vengurla and the coast is sure to keep you in awe.


Sagareshwar Beach: is an admirable beach that greets you as soon as you reach Vengurla. It is one of the most popular beaches of Vengurla region and has plenty of activities to indulge in.

Sagareshwar Beach, Vengurla
Sagareshwar Beach, Vengurla, Image @Ankur P

Sagareshwar is also popular for its temples that are located nearby and are an important pilgrim spots. These include Sagareshwar Temple, Redi Ganesh temple and Vetoba temple.

Mochemad Beach: reminds me of the beaches I visited in Australia. The shore is clean and the sand super soft. Its ideal for long walks and getting some sunshine.

The clear sands of Mochemad Beach, Vengurla
The clear sands of Mochemad Beach, Vengurla, Image @kamleshwark

Vayangani Beach: is a tiny virgin beach that is essentially a fishermen’s village zone. The area has plenty of fruit trees and the peaceful environment makes it an ideal getaway. Here too there is an old Lighthouse that is a great place to take in the surrounding views of the sun, sand and sea.

Vayangani Beach, an offbeat, unexplored beach at Venkurla
Vayangani Beach, an offbeat, unexplored beach at Venkurla, Image

Temples of Vengurla

Almost every village of Vengurla has some temples but the most popular once include Shri Vithoda Temple, Mauli Devi Temple, Sageshwar Shiva Temple and Sateri Devi Temple.

Outside View of Sateri Devi Temple, Vengurla
Outside View of Sateri Devi Temple, Vengurla

Accommodation & Homestays in Vengurla

Dhuri Homestay: is the most sought and preferred homestay in Vengurla. Owned & managed by Prashant and Prachi Dhuri the place is warm and offers a farm stay amidst a mango orchard. The rooms are spacious with modern amenities and the food prepared is simple and delicious. A stay here is sure to rejuvenate and relax you. Tariffs: 9000-10000 INR are a little over priced if you ask me but then the place is indeed a little off from the main road offering a peaceful getaway.

Dhuri Homestay, Vengurla
Dhuri Homestay, Vengurla

Golven Resorts: These are 10 self contained luxurious huts built right on the beach side of Ubha Danda Beach, Vengurla and are made with eco-friendly thatched roofs. Complete with modern amenities, this place is ideal for a getaway or for a romantic honeymoon destination.

Eco-Friendly Golven Resort, Vengurla
Eco-Friendly Golven Resort, Vengurla

The seafood prepared here is renowned for its authentic local flavour. Indulge is water activities, take a walk to the nearby village, visit fruit orchards and also get a chance to camp at the beach at night. Tariffs: 4500 INR per night

Klub Khavana: is a luxury resort located 15 kms from Vengurla at a place called Kavane.

Klub Kavana, Vengurla
Klub Kavana, Vengurla

Set amidst the lush green hills and coconut palms, Klub Kavana is a unique stay option away from the hustle and bustle of the crowded city.  They have 2 secluded wooden cottages and has a private beach as well. One may also view the backwaters of Khavane that is something to be seen to experience. Tariffs: 5000 INR per night

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Distance Guide to Vengurla

Mumbai to Vengurla : 544 Kms
Route Map: Sion – Vashi – Panvel – Pen – Mahad – Khed – Chiplun – Sangameshwar – Hatakhamba – Rajapur – Kankavali – Kasal – Kudal – Vengurla

Pune to Vengurla (via Kolhapur): 400 Kms
Route Map: Pune – Satara – Karad – Kolhapur – Radhanagari – Dajipur – Fonda – Nadgaon – Kanakavali – Kasal – Kudal – Vengurla

  • Sawantwadi to Vengurla: 25 Kms  via SH 122 and MH SH 123
  • Goa to Vengurla: 110 Kms via NH66
  • Pune to Sawantwadi: 377 Kms
  • Pune to Vengurla: 400 Kms via NH4
  • Kolhapur to Vengurla: 176 Kms via MH SH 180
  • Amboli Ghat to Vengurla: 57 Kms via MH SH 180
  • Mumbai to Vengurla: 545 Kms via NH4



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